What is the factorial of 1/2?

Fredrik alleged / Wikimedia Commons


The holy grail of mathematics in terms of real functions

The Classical Problem Statement

You might want to sit down for this

Werner Heisenberg - Image from Wikimedia Commons

A friendly introduction to Fourier series

Image by Roger McLassus

Let’s build a strict type-checker and an awesome logging tool in Python from scratch

Image by Rushenb from Wikimedia Commons

The heart of Python

Image by Kevin Ku from Pexels

And a differentiable function encoding them

Image from Wikimedia Commons — Bernhard Riemann in 1863.

By taking a look under the hood

Image by Cecbur on Wikimedia Commons

The simplest neural network with TensorFlow 2

Image by mikemacmarketing on Wikimedia


Option 1

Real-life applications of topology

Kasper Müller

Mathematician and Data Scientist interested in the mysteries of the Universe, fascinated by the human mind, music and things that I don’t understand.

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